Pre departure briefing post arrival support

Pre-Departure Briefing and Post-Arrival Support

Nihon Indo Foundation (NIF) is dedicated to ensuring a smooth transition for students heading to Japan. Our comprehensive services include pre-departure briefings and ongoing support upon your arrival.

Key Features:

1. Pre-Departure Briefing:

Receive detailed information on travel preparations, cultural adjustments, and essential tips to facilitate a seamless departure to Japan.

2. Travel Arrangements Assistance:

Get guidance on booking flights, transportation options from the airport, and other travel-related logistics.

3. Post-Arrival Support:

Upon arrival in Japan, benefit from ongoing support to navigate immediate necessities, including transportation, local registration, and initial settling-in procedures.

4. Cultural Orientation:

Gain insights into Japanese customs, etiquette, and local practices to help you adapt more easily to your new environment.

5. Emergency Assistance:

NIF provides emergency support and contact information to assist you in case of any unexpected challenges or urgent situations.

NIF is committed to ensuring your comfort and confidence as you embark on your educational journey in Japan, offering support both before and after your arrival.