Opening of student bank a/c and local mobile sim

Student Bank Account and Local Mobile SIM Assistance

Nihon Indo Foundation (NIF) is here to make your transition to Japan as smooth as possible. Our services include support for opening a student bank account and acquiring a local mobile SIM.

Key Features:

1. Bank Account Assistance:

Receive guidance and assistance in opening a student bank account in Japan, ensuring you have access to essential financial services.

2. Documentation Support:

We help you prepare the necessary documents required for opening a bank account, simplifying the process.

3. Local Mobile SIM Procurement:

Benefit from assistance in obtaining a local mobile SIM card, facilitating seamless communication during your stay in Japan.

4. Network Recommendations:

Get recommendations on reliable mobile network providers to suit your communication needs and preferences.

5. Orientation to Banking Procedures:

Receive an orientation to understand the banking procedures and mobile network services available in Japan.

NIF is committed to ensuring that your daily essentials, including banking and communication services, are readily available, allowing you to focus on your studies and experience in Japan.