Our Leadership Team

Meet Our Leadership Team

At Nihon Indo Foundation (NIF), we believe in the power of a dynamic and dedicated leadership team. Our leaders bring a wealth of experience, passion, and expertise to the table, steering our ship towards success. Get to know the faces behind the vision:

Nain Singh- President
Driving Excellence

Nain leads with a vision for excellence, setting the course for our journey. With a keen eye for strategy, he navigates challenges, ensuring our commitment to top-tier service.

Anuj Singh Rajput- CEO
Master of Operations

Anuj is the heartbeat of our day-to-day operations. His leadership ensures that every aspect of our establishment runs seamlessly, making your experience exceptional.

Aman Dev Singh- Head of IT
Tech Virtuoso

Aman Dev is our tech maestro, orchestrating the latest innovations to enhance your experience. From cutting-edge systems to a seamless online presence, he keeps us at the forefront of technology.

Shivani- Counselor
Guardian of Ethics

Shivani safeguards our values. As our dedicated Student Counselor, Shivani plays a crucial role in fostering a positive and supportive environment within our team. Her primary focus is on the well-being and professional growth of our staff members.

Tripti Chandra- Operation Head
Operational Dynamo

Tripti is the engine that keeps the operation running smoothly. With an eagle eye for detail, she ensures that everything from logistics to execution is flawlessly coordinated.