About Nihon Indo Foundation :-

Nihon Indo Foundation is a non-profit organisation incepted in 25th December 2023. NIF has its head quarter in New Delhi and Overseas office in Tokyo, Japan. NIF has been incorporated under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Registrar of Companies NCT of Delhi, Government of India.

NIF aim is to impart essential Japanese Language training to non-native speakers in India who wish to go to Japan to attain their higher education or to work in Japan. Language is the essential tool to understand the native speaker, what they like and what they dislike. Japan has enormous demand of work force but the language is the main barrier. That’s the reason why NIF has been incepted in India to give real flavour of Japanese tongue and their cultural values.

Japan is known for its impeccable reputation and technologically advanced country but at the same time. Japan is going through a serious aging problem and looking for young talent to serve their Industry. Japan has world class educational institute but language is the biggest barrier. India and Japan have signed the bilateral agreement on skill development where Japan will impart training to Indian youngsters. This pack is known as “Technical Intern Training Program” (TITP) India is the youngest country in the world and 65% population of India is the below the age of 35. If we can teach Japanese language in a right manner in India, Japan will get enormous Indian talents who will serve Japan’s society at large. Keeping this in mind NIF has been launched in India and wish to serve the Indian citizen so that they could learn Japanese language with ease and no need to pay hefty price to acquire Japanese language.

NIF would like to be the bridge between the Japanese educational institutions and corporates who would be needing fluent Japanese Language speaker. This way Japanese Colleges/Universities will receive Japanese language speakers from India and Indian students can go for their higher studies in Japan. This will bridge the gap between the job seekers and employers in Japan. Our mission is to reach out to the last person of India who wish to learn Japanese Language to elevate his/her career with respect and dignity. We wish you a wonderful learning with us and NIF will be your passage to the World of opportunity.

Our Mission- Our Advisory Board is committed to:-

* Ensuring academic excellence in Japanese language education.

* Promoting cultural immersion and understanding.

* Nurturing industry connections for our students' success.

Why Should You Learn Japanese Language?


Learning the Japanese language can offer several advantages, and the Nihon Indo Foundation, if it exists, could potentially provide a structured and supportive environment for learning. Here are some reasons why learning Japanese might be beneficial and how a foundation like Nihon Indo could help:

Reasons to Learn Japanese:

Business Opportunities:

Japan is a major economic player, and proficiency in Japanese can open doors to job opportunities in various industries, especially if you plan to work for Japanese companies or engage in international business.

Cultural Understanding:

Learning Japanese provides insights into Japan's rich cultural heritage, traditions, and customs. This understanding can be valuable for personal enrichment and for building strong cross-cultural relationships.

Travel and Tourism:

If you're planning to visit Japan, knowing the language can significantly enhance your travel experience. It allows for better communication with locals, making navigation, dining, and exploring more enjoyable.

Educational Opportunities:

Knowledge of Japanese can open up opportunities for studying at Japanese universities or collaborating on academic projects. Japan has many prestigious educational institutions.

Technology and Innovation:

Japan is a global leader in technology and innovation. Proficiency in Japanese can be beneficial for those interested in fields like robotics, engineering, and technology, where Japan has made significant contributions.

Media and Entertainment:

Japanese literature, films, anime, and manga have a global audience. Knowing the language allows for a more authentic and nuanced appreciation of these cultural products.

How Nihon Indo Foundation (NIF) Can Help:

Structured Language Courses:

* NIF offers well-organized and structured language courses catering to different proficiency levels.

* Courses cover various aspects of language learning, including speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills.

Experienced Instructors:

* Nihon Indo Foundation have qualified and experienced instructors who are proficient in the Japanese language.

* Instructors can employ effective teaching methods to facilitate language acquisition.

Cultural Integration:

* Language and culture often go hand in hand. NIF incorporate cultural aspects into its courses, providing students with a holistic understanding of Japanese customs, traditions, and societal norms.

* Cultural integration can enhance language learning by providing context and relevance to language use.

Language Learning Resources:

* NIF provide access to a variety of resources to support the learning process, including textbooks, multimedia materials, online resources, and language practice tools.

* These resources can supplement classroom instruction and offer additional opportunities for self-study.

Language Labs and Practical Exercises:

*Practical application is crucial for language learning. NIF have language labs or organize practical exercises that allow students to apply their language skills in real-life situations.

* Activities such as role-playing, language games, and simulated conversations can enhance practical language use.

Cultural Events and Workshops:

* NIF organize cultural events, workshops, and guest lectures to expose students to various aspects of Japanese culture.

* Events could include traditional tea ceremonies, language exchange sessions, or presentations by experts on Japanese art, history, and contemporary issues.

Study Abroad or Exchange Programs:

* NIF facilitate study abroad or exchange programs, allowing students to immerse themselves in the Japanese language and culture by spending time in Japan.

* These programs provide invaluable firsthand experiences and opportunities for cultural exchange.

Networking Opportunities:

* Being part of NIF connects students with a community of fellow learners, native speakers, and professionals interested in Japanese language and culture.

*Networking can provide support, guidance, and additional opportunities for language practice and cultural enrichment.

Certification and Assessments:

*Completing courses at NIF result in certifications that can serve as evidence of language proficiency.

*Assessments and feedback from instructors help students track their progress and identify areas for improvement.

Career Guidance:

*NIF offer career guidance and assistance in connecting students with job opportunities related to their language skills, especially in industries with ties to Japan.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Learn more about Nihon Indo Foundation (NIF)

NIF, short for Nihon Indo Foundation, is a non-profit organization established on December 25th, 2023, with the aim of providing essential Japanese language training to non-native speakers in India.

NIF was created to address the language barrier hindering Indian individuals from pursuing higher education or work opportunities in Japan. The organization aims to facilitate cultural understanding and language proficiency to bridge the gap between Indian talents and the demand for a skilled workforce in Japan.

NIF is headquartered in New Delhi, India, and has an overseas office in Tokyo, Japan.

NIF operates under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Registrar of Companies NCT of Delhi, Government of India.

NIF's primary focus is to provide high-quality Japanese language training to equip individuals with the linguistic skills necessary to communicate effectively in Japan, thereby enhancing their educational and career opportunities.

NIF positions itself as a key player in the TITP, aiming to facilitate the bilateral agreement on skill development between India and Japan by providing the right Japanese language training in India. This initiative seeks to meet Japan's demand for young talent to serve its industries.